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A national lawn-care franchise partnered with Strategus to assess the effectiveness of a Connected TV (CTV) campaign in driving customer engagement and conversions. Over a 4-week period, the franchise aimed to gauge the potential of CTV advertising in generating measurable outcomes, particularly in customer interaction and sales.


The primary objective of the campaign was to quantify the impact of CTV advertising on customer engagement and conversions, addressing historical challenges in measuring the return on investment (ROI) of Linear TV advertising. The franchise sought to attain measurable results to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating CTV into its advertising strategy.


Strategus devised a comprehensive strategy to maximize engagement and conversions while overcoming tracking challenges associated with Linear TV advertising. The campaign focused on two key aspects: awareness building and conversion optimization. Firstly, utilizing CTV ads, the franchise aimed to create upper-funnel awareness among target audiences interested in lawn care services. Secondly, a retargeting strategy was implemented, featuring display ads with specific calls to action for viewers of the CTV ads, aimed at driving conversions.


This strategic approach aimed to not only generate awareness but also drive meaningful engagement and conversions. By leveraging sophisticated targeting methods and tracking mechanisms, Strategus ensured precise audience reach and accurate measurement of campaign performance. As a result, the campaign was able to directly attribute $2.1 million in sales with an ROI of 3000%, demonstrating the tangible impact of CTV advertising on the franchise's business objectives.


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