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Key Results


of Votes Captured

An agency partnered with Strategus to implement a comprehensive, county-wide digital marketing strategy aimed at securing a judge candidate’s victory in the 2024 Primary Election.


The campaign utilized Strategus’ propriatary CTV Cross-Device Retargeting strategy, delivering 30-second video ads on CTV and additional ads through pre-roll and mid-roll video on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Over a five-week brand awareness campaign, this strategy effectively communicated the candidate’s political messages to hyper-targeted audiences, culminating in a resounding victory with 76% of the vote.


The primary objective was to win the election by capturing at least 50% of the vote. 


The campaign focused on strategic audience targeting and effective budget allocation. 75% of the campaign budget was directed towards a core L2 audience of Republican voters who had participated in the last two primary elections in the specified county.


The remaining 25% of the budget was allocated to a secondary L2 audience comprising non-party affiliated and Democratic voters who also voted in the last two primary elections.


The campaign set a frequency goal of five exposures per week per user for the CTV ads, supplemented by additional Encore ads through online video. Over the course of the five-week campaign, these efforts resulted in the candidate winning 76% of the vote, exceeding the initial campaign goal by 52%.


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