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Key Results




Post-View Site Visits

A hospital in the North County area of San Diego sought to increase awareness and preference for its healthcare services, including weight loss programs, smoking cessation, and prenatal care, amidst competition from larger hospital groups in the region. To achieve this, the hospital partnered with Strategus to launch OTT/CTV campaigns aimed at driving post-view searches for new doctors.


The primary objective was to boost engagement and generate brand preference among the target audience, particularly within a specific zip code sub-DMA, and among Hispanic demographics aged 35 and above.


Strategus devised a comprehensive strategy to address the hospital's goals. This included implementing a full-funnel CTV brand awareness campaign targeting viewers seeking healthcare solutions. They utilized CTV Audience Targeting to serve non-skippable ads to viewers in the identified sub-DMA focused on various medical services. Additionally, Strategus employed Cross-Device Retargeting with Encore Omnichannel pre-roll video ads to re-engage viewers on other devices based on their healthcare needs. They leveraged After-Ad Influence and Post-View Website Attribution through Strategus' Attribution Suite to track user actions post-ad exposure. Furthermore, bilingual messaging was crafted to ensure inclusivity and overcome skepticism toward institutional healthcare. The campaign frequency was optimized to increase website traffic and enhance online engagement with the hospital's services.


This strategic approach aimed to drive engagement, preference, and post-view website visits, ultimately contributing to the hospital's marketing objectives.


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