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Key Results


Plan Conversions


Post-View Website Visits

A regional health insurance provider sought to increase brand awareness and generate conversions during the critical 'Open Enrollment' window. Facing challenges with reaching their target audience within specific zip codes and competing against providers with larger ad budgets, they turned to Strategus for a hyper-targeted CTV strategy. This involved segmenting messaging to two counties at the zip code level, ensuring ads reached the desired audience for maximum conversion potential.


The primary goal was to create brand preference and generate conversions for the regional health insurance provider during the critical 'Open Enrollment' window.


To address the challenge of reaching a specific audience within designated zip codes, Strategus devised a comprehensive approach. Utilizing hyper-targeted CTV advertising, the campaign focused on delivering impactful messaging to large screen TVs within the targeted counties. This strategy ensured maximum visibility and frequency among potential customers. Additionally, digital pre-roll video ads were strategically deployed across mobile, tablet, and desktop devices to extend reach and build brand awareness.


A key component of the strategy involved retargeting tactics to guide viewers from initial ad exposure to the client's website for conversion. By leveraging data-driven insights, Strategus optimized ad placements to effectively drive engagement and conversions. The campaign's success was further enhanced by continuous monitoring and adjustments to ensure alignment with campaign objectives.


Inside of 60 days, the campaign yielded significant results. With 10,522 post-view website visits and a 0.32 click-through rate from CTV retargeting, the regional health insurance provider experienced heightened brand engagement and online traffic. Most notably, the campaign led to 240 plan conversions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the hyper-targeted CTV strategy in driving real-world outcomes. These outcomes surpassed the client's expectations and underscored the value of Strategus' data-driven approach to advertising.


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