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Key Results


Post-View Website Visits


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Products Added to Cart

A national furniture retailer with 148 store locations faced supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, necessitating appointment-based visits to their stores. To promote their new online COVID appointment scheduling system, the retailer partnered with Strategus for a three-week CTV awareness campaign across four different markets.


The objective was to generate website engagement and increase appointment visits for the furniture retailer.


The retailer aimed to drive more website visits to increase appointment visits and engage users on their website. Strategus targeted third-party audiences such as new movers, recently married individuals, new parents, recent graduates, expectant parents, and people in-market for new furniture. Additionally, CTV ads were served to Amazon users searching for furniture and users exposed to competitor's linear TV ads (ACR Data). The strategy also involved building and targeting look-alike audiences of website visitors, retargeting users who visited the client’s website with Connected TV ads, and implementing a Full Funnel CTV Strategy to retarget users who previously viewed the client’s CTV ads with Online Video and Display ads.


By the end of the campaign, Strategus successfully met the furniture retailer's goals with 80,601 post-view website visits, 26,671 engaged users (visited 3+ pages on the website), 3,021 added products to the online cart, 324 cart conversions, and 48 scheduled appointments.


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