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Key Results


Web Conversions


Video Completion Rate for CTV

A Financial SaaS organization collaborated with Strategus to enhance brand awareness and establish itself as an AP/AR expert in the industry. Over a 3-month campaign period at the end of 2022, Strategus implemented a full-funnel strategy incorporating CTV, display, and online video advertising, resulting in an impressive average completion rate of 98.3% on CTV ads and 1,305 web conversions.


The primary objectives were to increase brand awareness in the marketplace, drive website traffic, and convert traffic through demo requests.


Given the B2B nature of the client, targeting decision-makers in finance departments, such as CFOs and accountants, across the US was paramount. Continuous audience refinement was essential throughout the campaign to ensure relevance. Recognizing the cyclical nature of finance industry workloads, running year-long campaigns was deemed impractical. Instead, Strategus implemented time-sensitive campaigns in intermittent spurts throughout the year to align with the client’s needs.


The majority of impressions were allocated to display ads, with the remaining impressions evenly split between CTV and online video. Midway through the campaign, upon observing the impact of web traffic conversions, the client opted to track demo requests on their website. This initiative resulted in 15 inbound leads via the booked demo conversion pixel. The success of the campaign prompted a renewed partnership for 2023 with additional campaign parameters, highlighting the effectiveness of the strategy in meeting the client's objectives.


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