Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


In-Person Visits


Revenue Generated

A discount furniture retailer partnered with Strategus to transition from a heavy reliance on linear TV to a connected TV (CTV) strategy. With a focus on increasing campaign visibility and performance tracking, Strategus implemented a comprehensive omni-channel approach using CTV, Display, and Online Video ads. This campaign targeted a diverse audience in Georgia and successfully drove 12,326 total conversions in the first five months of 2023.


The objective of the campaign was to create brand awareness and drive both in-person and online sales for the furniture retailer.


Optimizations were made throughout the Georgia-wide campaign to eliminate under-performing zip codes and concentrate ad spending on high-performing locations. The budget was divided across CTV, Display, and Online Video channels, with nearly equal impression share between CTV and Display. Audience targeting tactics included First-Party Data Targeting, Look-Alike Modeling, Location-Based Retargeting (such as Competitor Conquesting), Third-Party Data Targeting, and Website Retargeting.


The campaign targeted "news watchers" and "viewers of the news" based on insights from previous linear TV campaigns, assuming these audiences were more likely to convert. Analysis of Strategus’ Audience Insights data revealed that "news watchers" performed better on average than other third-party segments. This data-driven approach allowed for optimizations based on reliable geographic performance data. The positive campaign results, including increased in-person visits and online sales, led to a boost in the CTV budget and strengthened the partnership between the retailer and Strategus.


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