Strategus Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies of 2023

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Key Results


Online Conversions

Cobb Electric Membership Corp (EMC) has collaborated with Strategus for their annual CTV campaign over the past four years. Seeking to optimize their ad budget and enhance targeting precision, Cobb EMC transitioned from linear TV to CTV advertising. By leveraging Strategus' expertise, Cobb EMC gained the ability to control geolocation targeting, ensuring that ad dollars were allocated only to areas within their service territory. This shift allowed Cobb EMC to avoid wasteful spending on zip codes they could not service, a limitation imposed by broad linear TV audience targeting.


The primary objective was to maximize ad spend by reaching only users within Cobb EMC's service territory. By refining their targeting strategy, Cobb EMC aimed to ensure that their advertising efforts effectively reached their intended audience, thereby optimizing their marketing budget.


To achieve precise geolocation targeting, Strategus utilized IP addresses provided by Cobb EMC to target both businesses and residential households within their service area. Additionally, zip code targeting was implemented to further restrict the boundaries of the CTV campaign, ensuring that ads were delivered exclusively to relevant geographic areas. Leveraging their proprietary CTV Cross-Device Retargeting strategy, Strategus served clickable display and online video ads to users who had previously viewed the CTV ad on the big screen. Throughout 2023, the campaign focused on 34 target zip codes, resulting in an impressive 254,493 online conversions.


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