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Key Results


In-person Visits

A prominent West Coast casino collaborated with Strategus to elevate brand recognition and amplify foot traffic to its establishments. Despite stringent targeting criteria tailored to a specific niche audience within concentrated geographic zones, the Strategus team achieved a remarkable 52,862 in-person visits to the casino through a meticulously crafted full-funnel strategy.


The primary objective was to enhance brand awareness and drive foot traffic to the casino premises. Given the niche targeting requirements and geographical constraints, the challenge was to efficiently allocate the budget across various channels while ensuring maximum impact on foot traffic.


The casino's partnership necessitated precise budget allocation based on geographic parameters, requiring meticulous organization of the campaign strategy by the Strategus team. Despite the tight geographical focus and audience targeting restrictions, Strategus deployed CTV, Online Video, and Streaming Audio advertisements to reach the desired audience effectively. Furthermore, the campaign strategy involved attributing online conversions and accurately measuring foot traffic for each specific audience, geographical area, and advertising tactic.


Over a period of 5 months, the campaign successfully drove 52,862 in-person visits to the casino. Notably, CTV contributed 27,180 visits, Online Video drove 13,238 visits, and despite the shorter duration, Streaming Audio yielded 12,444 visits. The Strategus team provided transparency regarding inventory partners and operated effectively within budgetary constraints. In-person visits were meticulously tracked through foot traffic measurements for each tactic, underscoring the campaign's success in empowering advertisers with significant control over CTV and omnichannel campaigns.


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