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The Possibilities of Connected TV (CTV)

A Connected TV (CTV) is a TV that is an internet-enabled smart TV or any TV that uses a device to connect to the internet, receiving content other than through traditional providers such as cable. CTV also includes devices such as phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. People use these other devices to stream content, from short video clips to the latest network shows and premium content.

Statistics show that as of January 31, 2017, 29% of U.S. homes owned enabled smart TVs, with an added 23% having a streaming device such as an Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast or Roku. Game consoles also account for a significant amount of streaming, with 42% of households owning a Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii or Sony PlayStation, and nearly 11% of homes streaming from PCs, tablets or smartphones to their television.

CTV provides advertisers with the ability to design ads that have the interactive potential of digital, and the branding impact of traditional commercials. Viewers that stream or watch CTV prefer fewer ads, but want more interactive and engaging ads when they watch. TV-connected devices signify a new and growing way to watch television and presents advertisers with an innovative way to reach a unique audience.

As more people stream their favorite shows, advertisers will increasingly look for ways to tap into this new trend. CTV allows marketers access to detailed demographical data, allowing them to target consumers effectively. Software enables companies to track users of CTV, letting advertisers target or create specific offers for different audience segments

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