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The Importance of Reporting on Campaign Goals

Every successful marketing or sales campaign begins with clearly defined goals. It should start with a creative brief, to make sure everyone involved is on the same page, and end in measurable performance.  Along the way, regular reporting on goals lets you track important statistics. This allows modification as needed of any of the steps in your original plan. The beauty of digital marketing is that results get measured in real-time and changes get implemented immediately.

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Why measure and report on goals:

  1. Determine the effectiveness of each page on your website.
  2. Improve the pages that do not perform well.
  3. Apply the elements that work well on a page to others within the site.
  4. Measure results of collateral efforts (e.g., e-newsletter, emails, social media).
  5. Gain insight into what the customer is most interested in.

How to measure and report on goals:

  1. Use web analytics to chart page views (popularity or click-aways), which also records keywords used in search.
  2. Track results of email campaigns: open rates, click-through rate on call to action buttons or links, and buying decisions (dollar amount and percent response rate).
  3. Also track effectiveness and engagement on your social channels.
  4. Test everything! Digital platforms enable instant variations, so test: email subject lines, button colors, keywords and key phrases, even the offer itself.

What to do with the results:

  1. Compare pages within your website: optimize every page for similar keywords, visuals, and content.
  2. Reword your emails so they contain the message that resonates most with your best customers. Change your call to action or the buttons if needed.
  3. Reconsider which social media channels are best to reach your intended audience. There are general suggestions about who is using what social media and for what purpose. A little research and some trial and error will help you find your audience.

In the end, your marketing efforts will be rewarded by always keeping your message clear, with your client front of mind. Every decision you make throughout this process, guided by proper goal-setting and reporting, should focus on reaching and selling to your ideal customer.

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