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How OTT Advertising Can Improve Your Local Presence

Your business is local and specialized. Capturing the attention of those within mere blocks of your location — at specific times — is your primary goal. It’s a tough ask, but we get it. OTT advertising might be the perfect solution for your next ad campaign.

Whether you’re representing a Tier 2 Auto dealer, or are the mastermind behind the newest fast casual restaurant in your community, none of it matters unless you have people at your door when you’re open for business.

With OTT advertising, we can reach out to past customers, online fans and those who mirror these folks at the exact times you want to capture their attention and sway them to visit. Here’s how.

OTT Audience Targeting Bolsters Local Businesses

Your savvy marketing skills have probably already led you to create an email list. You likely also have business-focused social media accounts to promote what you do. Excellent. Now, let’s put that data to work for you.

With OTT audience targeting, we can harness the behind-the-scenes information related to audiences who are interested in your services, and send your specials and offers directly to their connected televisions while they’re indulging in their favorite streaming content. We can also create lookalike audiences based on the attributes of your current fan base, including online browsing behaviors, and valuable demographic data, like age, gender, ethnicity, education-level, and income.

Most importantly, we take it one step further. Through our local location technology, we leverage the users’ locations to ensure localized impression distribution.

Tell Me More About Location Technology

We integrate both your actual and potential audience information with real-time GPS location technology and send your message out to potential consumers within a specified radius of your business. It’s a pretty magical (but, very tactical) approach to gaining the attention, and business, of locals. Ads served up based on your target audience increases your ROI since every impression is sent to a qualified lead near your business.

How do we do this? Imagine you’re the owner of that up-and-coming fast casual restaurant, and you want hungry customers to stop by between 11:00am and 2:00pm. OTT targeting technology can tap into the GPS data gleaned from IP addresses used to connect to smart televisions and the smartphones in the pockets of everyone within a mile radius of your mobile lunch spot. Then, serve up mouth-watering ads, discounts, or live streams to entice people nearby to check out your local food truck.

It’s really a win-win approach. Your tried and true customers love that you’ve read their minds and offered a perfectly-timed quick lunch solution, while others are intrigued with your creative messaging right when they’re trying to decide what they want to eat.

Intrigued? We’d be happy to walk you through how OTT advertising can bolster a local business, on specific days, at specific times. We love new challenges. Call us today to learn how we can connect with your customers.

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