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How to Use Our Encore Omnichannel Marketing Strategy in the World of OTT

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How to Use Our Encore Omnichannel Marketing Strategy in the World of OTT. Depending on how familiar you are with omnichannel tactics and how they benefit OTT/CTV advertising campaigns, targeting the right audience can be easier than you may have anticipated. Omnichannel is a strategy focused on your customers and their experience with your brand. In order to optimize their experience and meet their modern-day expectations, you need clear and consistent messaging through all channels.

The results speak for themselves with studies reporting that nine out of 10 consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless service between communication methods, and omnichannel customers spend 4% more in-store and 10% more online than single-channel customers (not to mention, for every additional channel they use, customers spend more money).

Likewise, Encore Omnichannel from Strategus delivers significant results. In fact, one Strategus client ran a four-week nationwide CTV campaign designed to build upper sales funnel awareness, generating over 20,000 visits to the client’s site and $2.1 million in sales. Strategus pinpointed who watched the OTT/CTV ad to completion and then served them follow-up ads on their other digital devices to retarget the right audience and nudge them into taking action.

 Here’s how and why Encore Omnichannel marketing can positively impact advertisers running OTT/CTV campaigns.



Omnichannel isn’t a term every marketer is familiar with, although that’s likely to change in the coming years. The problem, as mentioned before, is that definitions of omnichannel marketing range in similar-but-not-exact answers. Omnichannel marketing disagreements result from no standardized and definitive definition made concrete by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. 

With this lack of standardization, many marketers confuse omnichannel and multichannel as interchangeable when, in fact, omnichannel gives more focus to a consistent consumer experience with your brand throughout their entire buyer journey, and multichannel throws out unintegrated (and often divided) messages in as many channels as possible with hopes of making a sale. It’s a customer-centric strategy vs. a sales-centric strategy. 

Strategus’ team of experts paves the way with our own omnichannel efforts — integrating omnichannel marketing and OTT while bringing call-to-action clickability to CTV advertising. 


Encore omnichannel is our retargeting strategy and technology that reduces the disconnect between devices to get your CTV campaigns as close to clickable as possible. 

Some notable Encore Omnichannel differences include:

  • Retargeting second-screen users — Reach second-screen users after they’ve already engaged with your CTV ad. In fact, Statista reports that in 2020, 191.1 million adults went online via a digital device while watching digital video or TV, and that figure is expected to grow to 197 million in 2022. You won’t want to miss out on those numbers.
  • The right person and right time — With extensive knowledge in serving and tracking relevant messages to individuals, households, and devices, Strategus uses important consumer data to target and retarget the right person at the right time. Take, for instance, the example Strategus co-founder and EVP Joel Cox provides:

“If we’re following a target, and already know they’re in-market for a new pickup truck, for example, we can serve them the ad on TV, then a message on their smartphone that they can click to learn more about model options, accessories, and pricing.”

  • The opposite of spray-and-pray mentality — Traditionally, efforts aim to reach as many viewers as possible with the hopes of landing on one who will be inspired to take action. Encore Omnichannel takes that concept to another level by replacing the “as many viewers as possible” with customers who are actively seeking solutions like your product/service.

“Encore is the opposite because we’re only retargeting ads to already engaged prospects who have seen our CTV ad to completion, which ensures that those ads won’t be viewed as irrelevant,” Cox said. “Developing this methodology that engages likely customers on their second screen with calls-to-action and relevant messaging is another big step in the right direction, and a new way to enhance brand relevance, build and maintain specific frequency goals, and generate sales success with programmatic OTT/CTV.”


Previous to our efforts, connected TV was limited to viewers seeing CTV ads but not engaging with them any further. With Encore Omnichannel, however, your product gets in front of your target audience while they’re considering their options and gives them a convenient nudge through another screen to take action. 

How Encore Omnichannel works

  1. Track relevant data specific to your target audience and their household.
  2. Target them with a relevant CTV ad.
  3. Once the viewer watches an individually targeted CTV ad to completion, the Encore Omnichannel campaign enhancer instantly retargets the already engaged viewer with relevant, clickable calls-to-action on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  4. Delivers consistent messaging that communicates across all platforms.

Example of a campaign that uses this strategy

A prime example of this strategy being successfully implemented is presented in a full case study where an auto dealer reaches a car sales goal in 30 days. Through a layered OTT/CTV advertising strategy, they utilized Strategus tactics to sell the vehicles while, simultaneously, reaching the general public with their brand messaging. They sold all 28 vehicles!

Why this strategy is more effective than linear TV advertising, multichannel, etc.

This strategy is more effective because it does what other strategies cannot — retarget the right person when the consumer is already engaged and ready to take action. With linear TV advertising, you are limited to the confinements of telling your target audience to take action without giving them the means to do it. Encore Omnichannel takes the vital next step of putting the action in the palm of their hands to conveniently and easily move forward in your intended goal. 

Likewise, strategies similar to multichannel are too general in their targeting efforts. In contrast, Encore Omnichannel not only takes the time to understand your target audience members and their behaviors thoroughly, but it also positions your brand in front of them at the exact time they need you and are most likely to take action. 


It’s been a long time coming reducing the challenges presented when executing single-channel marketing and multichannel marketing campaigns. Omnichannel marketing eliminates those challenges by reaching your target market with the same brand message. 

Encore Omnichannel goes even further by reaching and instantly engaging with your target audience at a time when it matters most. Strategus is the pioneer of programmatic OTT/CTV advertising and the solution to several targeting and retargeting hurdles. When you’re ready to optimize an already effective strategy like omnichannel marketing, contact us for more insight and resources. 

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