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Advanced Retargeting Techniques for Increased Performance

Retargeting, also known as remarketing, can help get your brand in front of users that have visited your website without taking action. Every digital marketing strategy should include retargeting and to ensure the best performance possible you’ll want to use these techniques.

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Segment your visitors

Not all visitors are of equal value. For example, if someone visits your home page and leaves the site they aren’t as valuable as the user that made it to the shopping cart and didn’t submit their order. Conversion rates will be higher retargeting those users that made it all the way to the shopping cart. This technique isn’t just for e-commerce though. Take a physical store for example, we’d want to segment users that have visited the store location page and serve them creative for in-store promotions or a coupon. While we do recommend having a broad audience for users that have visited any page of your website, performance increases when customizing the segments based on actions a user did or did not take.

Another important piece of audience segmentation is exclusion. There are cases when you don’t want a user to see your retargeting ads. This is typically done when someone makes a purchase on your website and you don’t want to show them the same ads as a user that hasn’t made a purchase. Depending on the type of product and business model, it may be useful to show past customers discounts or special offers.

Dynamic Retargeting

Let’s take audience segmentation to another level. Ever look at a product online and later saw an ad for the same (or similar) item? That’s dynamic retargeting. For e-commerce websites this can greatly improve conversion rates compared to traditional site retargeting. It’s not just for e-commerce though. Any type of website that displays inventory or items can benefit from dynamic retargeting such as automotive, real estate, or even content publishers.

 Keep ads Fresh

While this one seems like a no-brainer, it’s a common mistake many advertisers make. If someone hasn’t converted from your retargeting ads it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to. Maybe the design or offer in the creative didn’t get their attention. Change out your ads often and rotate various designs and offers to keep them fresh.

CRM retargeting

Rather than retargeting users based on their recent visit to your website, CRM retargeting allows you to reach people in your customer database (postal or email addresses). We utilize a data partner to match that information to an online cookie pool in a secure and privacy-compliant manner. Average match rates are 40-50% in most cases. From there we can run display campaigns targeting those users we matched. CRM retargeting works for many different types of businesses whether it’s online or a physical store.

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