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6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in OTT Advertising

Since it’s very likely that every company you represent has customers watching streaming content, OTT advertising should be part of their next campaign strategy. Why? Let your clients know advertisers are investing in OTT because they know it works.

Ad Age reports that OTT video is “poised for meaningful growth in 2019” thanks to consumer approval of the format. Revenue in this ad segment is expected to hit $3.8 billion this year, and $5 billion by 2020 according to a new study from Magna, a division of Interpublic Group. Now, let’s sway your client to understand the magic of this thriving advertising approach.

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6 Reasons OTT Advertising is a Must-Have

Your client realizes the importance of getting their products and services in front of people who are most likely to take action. Now, wow them with the acute targeting abilities of OTT advertising. Lean on the who, what, when, where, why and how data-driven advertising works in your next conversation.

WHO: The wait and hope-it-works approach to ad placement is outdated. Strategy is in. Before an OTT ad campaign is launched we go behind the scenes to harvest information from your current audience and those who have tangent interests. We compile this data and use it to create a target audience who will respond to your ads.

WHAT: Your client wants to be seen. They want viewers to buy into their calls-for-action. If they haven’t tried OTT advertising yet, why aren’t they? Although it’s not a new concept, it’s a growing ad technique that’s generating incredible results for businesses. Check out this case study for an independent film studio that yielded a 95 percent video completion rate on a campaign that delivered in full over seven days. Bottom line: Goals met!

WHEN: OTT Advertising utilizes programmatic technology to deliver ads at the exact right time, even when your customers are streaming at 3 a.m. This automated process identifies spikes in activity, then responds with the perfect messaging. During the flight of your campaign, OTT  works to reach qualified consumers at the right time, when they’re willing and interested. There’s no spray and pray here.

WHERE: With 88.7 million households with connected TVs, OTT will reach your specific audience where they’re most engaged — in their home living spaces. If your client has identified potential consumers who use Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire or AppleTV to watch their favorite shows and movies, we will reach them. We reach them by “targeting” a zip code, city, or DMA for our clients’ OTT/CTV campaigns. Then, within that geo, our OTT/CTV ads only serve to the households that match the sophisticated audience targeting that supports the geo-targeting. Therefore, one house may see our ad while its next-door neighbor may not. For this reason, our geo-targeting in OTT/CTV is at the household level!

WHY: Your client wants to see results. We implement precision tracking techniques that allow us to pivot at any second of a campaign to optimize each ad impression. After a campaign, you’re presented with a fully interactive dashboard – the best in the industry, detailing the wins, so they can be replicated again and again in future campaigns.

HOW: It all starts with leveraging data and developing a digital strategy to reach consumers where they are, on their schedule. After strategic pixel placement for proper tracking, the team at Strategus takes over with the research and development. Together we’ll integrate your creative assets with the OTT advertising strategy and launch your campaign.

Contact us today if you have any questions about OTT advertising that we can answer before your next meeting. We know this process works. Now let’s get your client on board too.

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