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CTV advertising can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Rely on Strategus’s team of experts to deliver high-performance campaigns with ease.

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Reach and engage a wider audience with innovative and targeted strategies.
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Talk With a CTV Expert

Talk With a CTV Expert

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Working with Strategus has been very successful, and what makes it different is the ability to target the exact people we want to target… We have a very specific product line that we’re selling, so we need to be very precise.

April Holsey

Trustpoint Rehabilitation Hospital of Lubbock

What Is Connected TV Advertising?

Where TV Impact Meets Digital Performance.

Connected TV advertising (CTV) describes ads served within streaming services on the big-screen TV. Unlike traditional ads on cable and satellite, these ads target precise viewers with actionable campaigns — backed by real-time data to quantify results.

Benefits of CTV

Benefits of CTV Advertising From Strategus

  • Big Screen Exposure
    Unlock TV advertising impact without the Hollywood budget.
  • Precise Targeting
    Reach your ideal buyers with personalized messaging.
  • Cross-Device Retargeting
    Keep your audience connected across devices with follow-up ads.
  • Attribution and Measurement
    Gain insight into the buyer’s journey and optimize on the fly.
CTV Audience Targeting

How Does CTV Targeting Work? 

With Programmatic Precision.

  • Website Retargeting

    Re-engage website visitors on the big screen.
  • Lookalike Audiences
    Build lookalike audiences from your first-party data to reach new buyers.
  • Location-Based Retargeting
    Reconnect with users who‘ve visited your stores — or your competitors’.
  • Amazon Data Targeting
    Reach in-market shoppers using Amazon purchase data.
  • First-Party Data
    Reach your contacts in their living rooms with personalized ads.
  • ACR Data Targeting
    Buy ads based on household viewing habits and interests.
  • Smart Audience Contextual
    Target buyers who are actively researching your services in Google.
  • Linear TV Extension
    Combine linear TV efforts with CTV for a holistic approach.
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How Does Strategus Make CTV Simple?

We’re Your Hands-On Partner for Driving Results.

We combine the tech, expertise, and dedicated resources required to make the most out of your CTV investment.

  • Planning and Strategy
    We develop multi-channel campaigns customized to your business needs.
  • Campaign Activation
    Our hands-on CTV experts extend your team, handling execution and monitoring.
  • Continuous Optimization
    We’ll continue to optimize in-flight campaigns based on real-time data.
  • Cross-Platform Inventory
    Our vast library of premium inventory allows you to follow your audience across publishers.
  • Reporting and Attribution
    You get the tools needed to quantify ROI, including our industry-leading attribution suite.

What Is Full-Funnel CTV? 
The Future of TV Advertising

Transform the living room TV into a high-converting marketing channel by re-engaging viewers on every device. Our unique approach combines big-screen ads with retargeting across the programmatic ecosystem.

Online Video 1

Online Video

Reach previous viewers of CTV ads on YouTube and other online video services.


Display Ads

Give users an opportunity to click through to your website by running display ads on relevant websites.

Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio

Retarget potential buyers on music and podcast platforms.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

Place your ads on digital signage to connect with buyers outside of the home.


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