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Your CTV Investment With Hands-On Execution & Advanced Attribution

Whether you’re looking for an extra layer of support or a full-service partner to take care of all your connected TV (CTV) needs, we’ve got you covered. At Strategus, we combine the tech, expertise, and resources required to do CTV the right way.

Learn More About Strategus

Learn More About Strategus

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What Makes Strategus Different

What Makes Strategus Different?

We’re the Only Pure-Play CTV Managed Service Partner.

CTV advertising involves a lot of moving parts. You’re likely tasked with managing a roster of DSPs, compiling fragmented data across platforms, and stay up-to-date on industry trends.

By partnering with Strategus, you’re able to offload campaign planning and execution to us — while benefiting from unmatched CTV capabilities for targeting and measurement.

Why Choose Strategus over Self-Service?

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  • tick_icon Our CTV experts partner with you to design and execute customized campaigns.
  • tick_icon We assist with training your staff and pitching to clients, while also providing access to high-quality inventory.
  • tick_icon Instant access to our dedicated team makes it easy to scale as your CTV needs grow.
  • tick_icon We monitor and optimize in-flight campaigns to ensure success.
  • tick_icon You gain access to our 24/7 reporting dashboard, as well as custom reports for you or your clients.

Self-Service DSP

  • Your in-house team determines strategy and campaign design — a full-time job in its own right.
  • Inventory is limited in the initial media purchasing stages, and staff knowledge about CTV best practices may be lacking.
  • Minimum fees, the compounding costs of add-ons, and investment in training internal staff all drive up CPM.
  • Your team is tasked with monitoring performance and adapting campaigns accordingly, which often requires juggling multiple dashboards and reporting systems.

Working with Strategus has been a great decision. Their strategic insights and innovative approach have truly transformed marketing efforts, for our clients. From developing targeted campaigns to enhancing our online presence, they have consistently exceeded expectations. Their team is not only highly skilled but also incredibly responsive and collaborative. I couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend them to anyone seeking a trusted marketing partner.

Ashley Sterle

Paradise Advertising and Marketing
Senior Media Planner
CTV Audience Targeting

How Granular Can You Get With Targeting?
Combine Precision and Scale With Access to 200+ Data Sources.

Go beyond basic demographic and geographic targeting. We customize your audience through a layered approach that achieves harmony between first- and third-party insight to drive campaign results.  


Website Retargeting

Re-engage website visitors on the big screen.


First-Party Data

Reach your contacts in their living rooms with personalized ads.



Build lookalike audiences from your first-party data to reach new buyers.


ACR Data Targeting

Buy ads based on household viewing habits and interests.


Location-Based Retargeting

Reconnect with users who‘ve visited your stores — or your competitors’.


Smart Audience Contextual

Target buyers who are actively researching your services in Google.


Amazon Data Targeting

Reach in-market shoppers using Amazon purchase data.


Linear TV Extension

Combine linear TV efforts with CTV for a holistic approach.

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How Granular Is Your Reporting?  

The Largest Attribution Suite in the Industry
+ 24/7 Reporting.

We paint a nuanced picture of the path to conversion by customizing our attribution suite to your goals. What’s more, you’re able to rely on our team of experts for on-the-fly campaign optimization.

  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Go beyond last-click metrics. We’ll measure touchpoints across all devices, providing full visibility into how your CTV ads impact online and offline conversions.
    • Customizable Reporting Dashboards

    • Our vast library of premium inventory allows you to follow your audience across publishers.
  • Cross-Publisher Transparency and Frequency Capping

  • Put viewers at the center of your strategy with full visibility across the CTV ecosystem. Our vendor-agnostic approach makes it easy to conduct measurements across 200+ publishers.
  • Brand Safety

  • Prevent ad fatigue and ensure your ads run in the right places. We ensure built-in brand safety through partnerships with WhiteOps and Device Atlas.

What Does High-Performance CTV Look Like? 
Our Unique Approach Drives a 200%+ Increase in Conversions.

Transform the living room TV into a high-converting marketing channel by re-engaging viewers on every device. Our unique approach combines big-screen ads with retargeting across the programmatic ecosystem.

Online Video 1

Online Video

Reach previous viewers of CTV ads on YouTube and other online video services.


Display Ads

Give users an opportunity to click through to your website by running display ads on relevant websites.

Streaming Audio

Streaming Audio

Retarget potential buyers on music and podcast platforms.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

Place your ads on digital signage to connect with buyers outside of the home.


Stop Settling.
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Ready to unlock the full potential of CTV advertising? Strategus is your one-stop shop for high-performance campaigns, advanced measurement, and expert support. Contact us today to get started.

Learn More About Strategus

Learn More About Strategus

Stop Settling.
Partner With Strategus Today.