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Streaming Audio Advertising: Discover and Reach Audiences Anywhere





Digital audio advertising has become an essential element of any cross-channel campaign. Most recently, a client partnered with Strategus to optimize their audio advertising campaigns.

Employing our programmatic ad-buying platform automated the entire process and incorporated the ability to message across multiple channels and apps.

This particular client had previous experience advertising through traditional radio. However, the inability to track and target audiences with linear scheduling on this medium led them to test programmatic audio campaigns and reach a much larger digital audience.

Strategus has been recognized for structuring brand awareness tactics to target the ideal audience behind data-driven proficiency.

Additionally, our managed services remain in frequent contact with clients to provide real-time updates, answers, and strategies to improve audience conversion tracking before and during the campaigns.

In the final analysis, this client saw a dramatic increase in website visits month-to-month, more in-store visitors, and higher engagement performance. All of these effects were rooted in our concentrated targeting tactics and cross-channel delivery system.


a woman wearing headphones listens to her phone against a white background and different audio apps




Streaming audio presents real opportunities for brands to connect with consumers wherever they listen. Our programmatic ad platform gives a client access to a broad range of streaming audio and podcast inventory.

Plus, it can be used to complement connected TV (CTV) advertisements with sequential messaging across various devices and mediums so that audience reach is extended further.

Since users can enjoy digital audio on the go — at the gym or on their way to work — connecting with them requires an agile and flexible approach. Programmatic lets you spend more time on metrics and less on creative, ensuring ad campaigns remain current in an ever-changing landscape.

Here’s some of the latest on streaming audio audiences:

When compared to traditional radio, digital presents a personal and informal media connection. It lets advertisers seamlessly weave brand awareness into a user’s listening experience.


an audio ad icon connects to four separate icons showing the advertising capabilities of programmatic




Programmatic advertising streamlines the purchase and sale of advertisements for digital audio inventory. This targeting process determines ad spots based on user behaviors, without any direct interaction with advertisers or publishers.

As a result, it provides a cohesive and unique advertising experience that generates higher conversion rates by focusing on consumers in the market.

Advanced audience targeting techniques can match users to specific genres, podcast episodes, and playlists. Strategically target your digital audience through parameters like time of day, location, or preferred app, and easily connect the dots between marketing and business performance.

Programmatic ad buying also takes advantage of digital measurement capabilities. With real-time tracking, advertisers can observe campaign effectiveness as it happens on our live reporting dashboard.

As data collects, advertisers can make informed decisions on campaign optimization. Furthermore, programmatic delivers branding campaigns for multiple devices, making audio an excellent addition to online video, display ads, and other branding initiatives.


an image of the strategus reporting dashboard shows marketing performance for a campaign



Programmatic CTV & Audio CASE STUDy


a blue image showing the front end of a vehicle


Multiple automotive dealerships ran CTV campaigns for brand awareness and included programmatic audio to supplement their efforts.

For these dealers, they were able to build a frequency of messaging with cross-device retargeting — starting with the television screen and eventually reaching across all devices in the household.

With a focus on relevant audiences, Strategus applied geo-targeting radiuses around the dealerships. These ranged from 20 to 50 miles depending on the region and allowed the dealers to hone in on relevant consumers living near the dealership. Extra targeting tactics included data acquisition on auto shoppers browsing other dealerships online.

During each campaign, those who watched a targeted CTV ad could be measured through multiple online touchpoints. After being exposed to the ad, Encore Omnichannel circulated online videos and displayed ads on their tablets, phones, and desktops.

This ran alongside programmatic audio ads that targeted podcasts and playlists automatically for a multilayered marketing strategy.

Any interactions resulting from the audio component were categorized as post-listen attributions and showcased how many listeners visited the dealership’s website, and how many visited the brick-and-mortar locations.


Campaign RESULTS


showroom floor of SUVs for sale at an automotive dealership


These automotive campaigns ran for four months, and programmatic audio was introduced in the final two months.

Since programmatic audio complemented the dealerships’ CTV campaigns, this presented the opportunity to compare and contrast the effects of adding audio ads.

Implementing Strategus’ attribution suite established a purchase funnel, identifying listeners of the ad and tracking ad influence on in-store visits. This information revealed the programmatic boost audio contributed to higher-quality leads.

Here are the final results of each automotive campaign, which showcase the impact of programmatic audio:



  • First 60 days without audio:
    • 5,109 website visits
    • 412 dealership visitors

  • Last 60 days with audio:
    • 6,561 website visits
    • 642 dealership visitors
  • Site traffic difference of 128%
  • Foot traffic difference of 156%


  • First 60 days without audio:
    • 3,435 website visits
    • 183 dealership visitors

  • Last 60 days with audio:
    • 3,481 website visits
    • 299 dealership visitors
  • Website traffic difference of 101%
  • Foot traffic difference of 156%


  • First 60 days without audio:
    • 2,839 website visits
    • 81 dealership visitors

  • Last 60 days with audio:
    • 2,973 website visits
    • 176 dealership visitors
  • Website traffic difference of 105%
  • Foot traffic difference of 217%



As campaigns developed, data acquisition tracked listeners after ad exposure, enabling side-by-side comparisons of campaign tactics based on effectiveness. Optimizing tactics alongside sequential messaging correlated to more significant user engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Pixel tracking on the client’s website helped dial in this audience more. It demonstrated what actions these users took while browsing the landing page,
funneling receptive consumers who were the best fit for their products or services.

Month-to-month reviews continued to fit client needs as KPIs changed and optimizations were made. Digging into the data was facilitated by the live reporting dashboard. It provided instant access to campaign performance and summarized the KPIs in real time. This ensured campaign guidance, so the client achieved their individual marketing goals.



a person browses a laptop and different icons showing identity and frequency hang between the screen and person




Programmatic offers vital differentiators when compared to traditional radio. Targeting on linear is impractical with limitations on the broadcast range and provides no opportunities to link ad spend to performance.

Instead of choosing a specific radio station according to content and time of day — digital audio serves this same inventory to listeners at any given time.

Programmatic audio advertising allows advertisers to message consumers at various
points in their purchase journey, providing ample opportunities to influence purchase decisions. Plus, automating ad placement ensures that already-engaged audiences hear ads at the right time.

Inserting this capability into the media mix can increase ROAS, with scalable options for localized targeting or brand awareness plays in designated regions.

>>Between advertising reach and frequency, are you prioritizing the right metrics?



three different people enjoy listening to their phones and laptops with headphones on


Partnering with Strategus


Ever since Strategus launched the first-ever programmatic ad campaign in 2015, our team has been on the leading edge of this industry.

Our managed services let advertisers track how audio advertising exposure influences the number of visitors to their website and the ability to follow them on their path to conversion.

Most clients have previous experience in traditional radio buys, but the different
types of messaging and media tactics of programmatic outpace linear broadcasts.

Strategus simplifies the complexities of this ecosystem with ad ops expertise. Establish a cadence with cross-device retargeting for layered messaging, measure the touchpoints from the top of the purchase funnel to the bottom, and deliver a media mix for powerful results.

Most listeners are tuning in through streaming apps instead of traditional radio these days. For an effective digital campaign, integrate programmatic audio layers and ad exposure across mediums, apps, and screens.

Contact Strategus to learn more about the benefits of digital audio advertising. Our innovative solutions and managed services design campaigns to suit clients’ marketing goals.

Combine the advanced capabilities of programmatic audio and OTT/CTV advertising to start messaging your ideal audience today!





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