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We ran the first ever programmatic OTT/CTV campaign, and haven’t stopped since.

Strategus is the innovation leader in OTT/CTV advertising, optimization, targeting, reporting and analysis. While others are just getting started, we've been exclusively focused on perfecting our approach to OTT/CTV advertising since 2015.



Who can I trust to produce results?

Vetting an OTT/CTV agency partner is a difficult task. This nascent industry changes at a breakneck pace and everyone purports to be an expert. How do you identify who the true experts are while avoiding providers that lack strategy and platforms that are unforgiving?

Here are a few things to help you navigate the OTT provider landscape…


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What's the Strategus Approach?

What's the Strategus Approach?

We deliver the most sophisticated and highest-performing programmatic campaigns leveraging our industry leading library of data & targeting, vast inventory and ever-growing attribution suite, all expertly managed by our senior-level Ad Ops Team.

  • CTV First
  • Robust Attribution Suite
  • Industry's Most Experienced Managed Service Team


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What can Strategus do for my campaign?

What can Strategus do for my campaign?

Strategus provides holistic solutions for a complete OTT/CTV advertising strategy. We can guarantee that when you run an OTT/CTV campaign with us, it will run on the largest screen in the house (TV) within long form content that is premium and professionally produced - not user generated. Strategus provides a full funnel strategy including strategic retargeting of CTV viewers paired with our unique Encore Omnichannel experience.


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How can I leverage programmatic?

How can I leverage programmatic?

Programmatic, when used properly, is the backbone of modern OTT/CTV advertising. Targeting, inventory, attribution, tracking, timing, pacing, it's all part of the programmatic approach. What does that mean? It means more of your dollars are spent on the people you actually want to get in front of and you can track what happened next. Interested?



Who We Serve

Agency media buyers and marketing teams leverage Strategus’ experience and expertise to execute and manage the industries most sophisticated OTT/CTV campaigns. Our employees serve as an extension of your team, providing strategy, insights, products and service that are unmatched.


“It was always hard to track the impact of our ads that ran on ESPN or NBC NightlyNews,” he said. “Working with Strategus, we’re now able to report data showing how many people saw our spots, how many took the next step and went to our website,and what percentage of those engagements resulted in transactions. This has really helped quantify our ROI.”
University of Washington
Brian Bowsher
UW Associate Athletic Director


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