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Why Choose a CTV Agency?

CTV advertising is vital to brand building. But running effective CTV campaigns is complex. It requires expertise, access to cross-platform inventory, integrations with data sources, and dedicated resources. If you’re searching for a high-performance CTV agency, Strategus is your ideal partner in achieving optimal results.

By working with Strategus, you’ll benefit from the mastery required to dive right in and grow your business. Our team works with you to create and execute full-funnel strategies — allowing you to focus on what you do best.


Strategus — Your Managed Services CTV Agency

At Strategus, we take it several steps further than traditional agencies by focusing all our efforts on CTV. Instead of casting a wide net, we focus on deeply understanding your brand and strategically placing your ads in front of key audiences through the most popular streaming platforms. 

Our people extend your organization, acting as managed service partners. We get to know you, your brand, your goals, and your audience. From there, we provide all the tools needed to quantify ROI and understand your customers’ journey. This includes advanced targeting capabilities, a 24/7 dashboard, and the most sophisticated CTV attribution solutions around.

Once we understand your business needs, we develop and execute a full-funnel CTV strategy that combines big-screen ads with retargeting across the programmatic ecosystem. This is all backed by reporting, continuous optimization, and instant access to our team of experts as your needs evolve.

Managed Services CTV Agency vs. Self-Serve CTV

Marketers have a choice when approaching CTV: Take it in-house with a self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) or partner with a managed service CTV agency like Strategus. Here’s how the two compare.

Managed Services
From Strategus

  • tick_icon Our CTV experts partner with you to design and execute customized campaigns.
  • tick_icon We assist with training your staff and pitching to clients, while also providing access to high-quality inventory.
  • tick_icon Instant access to our dedicated team makes it easy to scale as your CTV needs grow.
  • tick_icon We monitor and optimize in-flight campaigns to ensure success.
  • tick_icon You gain access to our 24/7 reporting dashboard, as well as custom reports for you or your clients.

Self-Service DSP

  • Your in-house team determines strategy and campaign design, a full-time job in its own right.
  • Inventory is limited in the initial media purchasing stages, and staff knowledge about CTV best practices may be lacking
  • Minimum fees, the compounding costs of add-ons, and investment in training internal staff all drive up CPM.
  • Your team is tasked with monitoring performance and adapting campaigns accordingly, which often requires juggling multiple dashboards and reporting systems.

What Services Do CTV Agencies Offer?

CTV media buying requires expertise and tools to make the most of the data-rich environment of streaming television while ensuring that CTV advertising costs align with your business goals. While we can’t speak for other agencies, at Strategus, we take care of everything that goes into strategizing, executing, and measuring sophisticated CTV campaigns.


CTV Services

We integrate with countless publishers and marketplaces, giving you that agility to reach viewers wherever they are with data-driven strategies.


Prime Audience

We take targeting beyond standard demographics like location and income to narrow viewers down based on shopping habits, hobbies, and more.



Our vast library of brand-safe inventory ensures that your ads play on the most important screen in the household: the living room TV.




With an evolving roster of attribution solutions customized to your goals, we illustrate the impact of your ads and how your viewers progress through the conversion funnel. 


CTV Cross-Device

Using cross-device retargeting, we build awareness through CTV and then drive conversions across supplementary channels like display ads and streaming audio. 



Our reporting dashboard — with flexible APIs and custom feeds — provides real-time insight into engagement and conversions by audience segment, ROI tracking, and more.

How to Choose a CTV Connected TV Advertising Agency

A lot of agencies today offer CTV ad services, but only a few do  truly excel in the CTV advertising market. When evaluating vendors, you’ll want to make sure your agency has deep expertise in the industry and isn’t just tacking CTV to their offerings as an afterthought. This specialized knowledge is crucial for fulfilling their promises of driving CTV advertising growth and ensuring the success of your marketing efforts.

Points of differentiation include:

  • Data integrations: Look for a partner that possesses robust data integration and analysis.

  • Tech stack prowess: Ask about the tools available for ad delivery, measurement, and attribution.

  • Service excellence: CTV advertising is about partnership. Look for a provider who actively collaborates with you to understand your objectives and refine strategies.

  • Track record of success: Results are what matter. So make sure your agency can substantiate their claims with tangible evidence and case studies.

For additional guidance on evaluating agencies, check out our guide on the 15 questions to ask your CTV ad partner.

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OTT Agency vs. CTV Agency


CTV and OTT are often used interchangeably. For that reason, we’re also referred to as an OTT agency. Here’s a look at the nuances between the two terms.


Over-the-Top (OTT)

Connected TV (CTV)


Video streaming content delivered over the internet.

Devices that connect to the internet to access streaming content.

Access Devices

Smartphones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles.

Smart TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles.

Content Sources

Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, as well as UGC platforms like YouTube.

Premium OTT streaming platforms accessed on TV screens (rather than laptops, mobile phones, etc.).

Advertising Format

Advertisements displayed within streaming content.

Advertisements served on TV screens during streaming content.

Targeting Options

Demographics, interests, viewing habits.

Similar to OTT but with additional insight based on TV-viewing behaviors.

Campaign Complexity

Varied due to diverse platforms and devices.

Complex, requiring expertise in TV advertising and digital marketing.


Netflix viewed on a mobile phone.

The Roku channel viewed on a Roku TV.

When looking for a CTV/OTT agency, you’ll want to make sure that the inventory and screens used to access the content align with your goals. After all, the YouTube ads that play while users are searching for music videos are a whole lot different from the commercials that air during live sporting events consumed on the living room TV. 

At Strategus, we ensure that all CTV inventory is non-skippable, professionally produced, and long-form. Our vast library of premium inventory spans 200+ publishers that dominate the media landscape and more than 843 individual deal IDs.

CTV vs. OTT Deep Dive

Big Screen Focus

Our CTV-first strategy captures your audience’s attention on the largest screen in the household. Sight, sound, and motion bring your brand to life in a way that no other marketing channel can recreate.

CTV Cross-Device Retargeting 

We keep your audience connected across every screen by re-engaging them with follow-up ads across other devices, reinforcing your message and driving conversions.

Data-Driven Strategies

Our ecosystem of 200+ data providers ensures targeting and attribution like never before, enabling us to develop informed strategies and adapt on the fly based on what the data reveals.

Multi-Publisher Control to Manage Frequency

As a vendor-agnostic partner, we make it easy to reach your audience no matter what they’re tuning into — while also capping frequency and conducting measurements across the entire CTV ecosystem.

Why Choose Strategus as Your CTV Advertising Agency?

Strategus Is Your Go-To CTV Agency

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With Strategus as your CTV agency, you get a hands-on partner driving innovation in the industry. We ran the first programmatic CTV ad in 2015 and continue to push the boundaries with our robust retargeting and attribution solution.


Don’t settle for generalist agencies that are stretched too thin. Learn how you can deliver high-performance CTV campaigns with measurable results by reaching out today.

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