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Strategus is your complete, strategic OTT/CTV advertising partner.


In an industry flooded with acronyms and buzzwords, we want to make things simple.


Our Services:


Managed Service Solutions

Programmatic OTT/CTV advertising is one of the world’s most complex computational ecosystems.

We’ve built our approach to serve as your outsourced OTT/CTV team of experts. We take care of your needs throughout the entire campaign process with access to a dedicated client success manager and senior-level Ad-Ops Team. Let us handle your most effective and mission-critical programmatic OTT/CTV campaigns, allowing you to focus on your core business.


Linear TV Extension

For the first time, you can now measure – market-by-market and advertiser-by-advertiser – the overlap between your linear/broadcast campaigns and OTT/CTV. 

Advertisers can identify and eliminate the overlap between linear and CTV campaigns and achieve nearly total market coverage.



Dynamic OTT

Dial in your OTT campaign with dynamic ads targeted to your ideal audience. Select from a variety of filters to display in stock vehicles based on current price, brand and product information matched to the needs of your in-market shopper audience.


Dynamic OTT V1-C-3

What Makes Strategus Different?

We’ve mastered the art and science of programmatic advertising so that you don’t have to.


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